What Do We Share?

Here, we are sharing Sivananda Classical Hatha Yoga. In total, there are 12 basic postures (asanas).

10 minutes before and after the class, we will have some chanting (3 times OM) and some mantras. The OM is to help us to purify our mind, body and soul and it will help to calm ourselves down. OM will also help to purify the environment and our sorrounding. As for mantra, it is to show our appreciation to the Gurus for sharing Yoga with us till today. For details, you may refer to www.sivananda.org

In the class, everyone is EQUAL. There will be no beginner class or advanced class, there will be no good or poor students. Everyone is the same.

We are not focus mainly on the postures (asanas), we are sharing the essense of yoga which lots of people might have forgotten. We are learning through the process while doing the postures (asanas) instead of trying to achieve the outcome or to perform the impossible.

Understand more about our body through observation on the natural reaction of the body after each posture (asana) and most important is to learn to accept our body, accept ourselves as is it. In good or bad condition, flexible or inflexible, is not an issue here. It will be more on the mind flexibility rather than just focusing on how flexible your body is (body flexibility).

Our body is just like a book, there are so much to learn from. We will never release it until we still our mind, observe our breath, let go all the thought in the mind and learn to see, feel and sense the natural reaction of the body after each posture (asana).

All it takes to join us is to have a OPEN MIND and a OPEN HEART. Simply isn’t it? YES, it is just as simple as it is.

Om shanti.

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