About Yoga & Me

Welcome to my blog. This webpage is about yoga and me.

I met yoga in year 2004. Yoga has changed my life, a better one.

Yoga has brought happiness into my life not because of the asana/postures that i can perform but i have learned to understand more about my body and i have learned to accept myself. I start to understand that yoga is not all about body flexibility, but it is also about mind flexibility.

Through yoga and consistence practice, we gain physical strength as well as inner strength and determination. We learn to realize that it takes more than the strength of the body to perform certain asana/posture and most important it takes determination to hold on to a certain asana/ posture and never stop trying and giving up even after few attempts. We also learn to get to know more about the body. Some asana/postures which we used to be able to do it easily may not be the same all the time; or some asana/postures which we can’t do it at all may not means we can’t do it forever and vice versa, as we came to realize that body condition keeps changing, so do things around us, keep changing (impermanent).

Yoga is about unite. When we learn to connect with the body, accept our body as it is, we will learn to love our body, love ourselves unconditionally.

Yoga is about balancing, not too much, not too less. It cultivates the sense of balancing where we will realize that when we trying too hard, the asana/posture will become very hard and difficult; and if we never put in any effect, it is the same too. But, when we attend the sense of balancing, the asana/postures that seem to be impossible become possible. It helps us to overcome our necessary worries, fears and doubts. When we learn to let go, everything become simple and possible. It goes the same to our life.

Yoga is life, life is yoga.


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