ordinary PEOPLE DO ordinary THING Charity Work

We used to think, RECYCLE = TROUBLESOME

But have you even think, you can make a difference to the World and Future just with only AN ACTION??? Recycle doesn’t mean you have to divide your rubbish into categories, (paper belongs to paper, glass belongs to glass and etc) Of cause, if you can do this, it will be perfect. But for most of us, it time-consuming and it takes lots of effort.

Recycle only takes ONE ACTION which is BUY LESS. This action is too far easy for everyone of us, isn’t it? The lesser you buy, the lesser you throw, the more money you can save and the lesser the rubbish will be!! This is RECYCLE!! Easy isn’t it?  THIS IS WHAT WE CALL –> ordinary PEOPLE DO ordinary THING!!!!

This goes to charity as well. If you have RM1, then donate RM1. If you have RM500, then donate RM500. If you have unused cloths, then donate cloths. If you have love, share it with everyone!!!!

I used to think, i am not rich but i am not poor neither. I am not smart but i am happy. I have no BIG DREAM but i believe in FAITH. I have no super power to change the world to a better place, but i have love to share with people around me. With the little happiness and gratefulness that i have in my everyday life, i share it people around me.

I started the thought of doing charity long than i can remember. Once i get my car, i started this so-called mission! I started with celebrating my 29th birthday with one of the orphanage at Kelana Jaya.

As i think, if can i get more people to share their love together, that will be great!!!!  

With strong faith that LOVE is to be shared, i started this “ordinary PEOPLE DO ordinary THING Charity Work” ( if i have to name this charity work that i have no intention of). It all started very simple, start from friends, colleagues and someone who we know. Get them to disseminated the message and of cause, through FACEBOOK as well.

Intention, of cause i have. If i collect small amount, i buy lesser. If i collect bigger amount, then i buy more things and visit more homes. That’s the intention!!!

Out of my surprise, the collection was more than what i expected, we collected RM1050.00 (16 donors) !!!!! First batch of “ordinary PEOPLE DO ordinary THING Charity Work” collection, RM1050.00, well done!!!!!

Messages were passing around and more people get to know “ordinary PEOPLE DO ordinary THING Charity Work”. Second Batch, we managed to get more people to participate and donate. We collected RM2378.00 (34 donors – some donors are the same donors as first batch).

We also have our ex-schoolmate gathering at Kelantan and the balance of RM460.00 is used as part of the donation as well.

As for Batch 3, we did not really shout out for donation. Messages were passed around only in facebook. As usual, we have our usual donors who used to donate. 3rd Batch, we collected RM700 (as updated as at today).

Till now, we have balance of RM798.30.

All i can tell, we are purely based on LOVE and TRUST!!! We do not issue any receipt for donor as we are not any belongs to any association. We are just we, We are just a human being, ordinary people. I never use “I”, because charity work will never be done alone.

Here are some photos of our visits to HOME for sharing.This information is some updates to all the donars!! 

1st Home – Rumah Warga Emas @ Sri Rampai, Setapak

2nd Home – Sri Jayanti @ Air Panas, Setapak

3rd Home – Kajang Old Folk

About yogakee

I teach group and private yoga classes in kuala lumpur & petaling jaya. Classes provided are traditional hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga and children yoga.
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