True Happiness

Most of us always expecting happy feelings and rejecting unhappy feeling. It is true enough to say that it is the common source of unhappiness. The harder and desperately we try to get rid of unhappiness, the more suffer we are.

Lots of things, internally such as our feelings and emotions are out of our control most of the times. What else can we do about the externally things, such as pleasant or unpleasant incidents that happened in our life. It is even out of our control.

Same as the sensation of happy feelings and unhappy feelings. It comes as it likes and it goes as it is. If we are craving only for happiness and rejecting the unhappiness, it will make us even unhappy and frustrated as we have NO CONTROL of these feelings at all. So, what are you trying to do here?? Control things that you knew it is uncontrollable??? I think we are over estimated ourselves.

Instead of trying to control over things that we have no control at all, we should learn to understand that both these sensations are active feelings, both equally ACTIVE. If you can feel the happiness, definitely there will be unhappiness. It is actually part of the life and it is actually the nature of the life.

By understanding these feelings and emotions are part of the life and whenever there is happiness, there is unhappiness too. Have the awareness of the existence of these two sensations and learn to accept it.

The world won’t stop spinning whether you are happy or not. It is not the world or things that make you unhappy, is your mind.

At the end, all these good or bad, happy or unhappy, these are only sensations and feelings.

As you learn to watch and observe these feelings by not attaching to these feelings. See these feelings as an individual and not you. They not belong to you, they are not you. It is the feelings that reacting, not you. It is the emotions that reacting, not you.

Watch and observe the feelings and emotions as it comes and as it goes without giving any response to it. It is impermanent and it will pass. They are only some passerby.

Obtain true happiness is not by rejecting unhappiness and only welcoming happiness,but  is to learn adopting happiness and unhappiness, accepting the existence of both good and bad feelings. If you can go beyond happiness and unhappiness; not feeling unhappy because of doing things that you don’t like and only be happy when you do things that you like; go beyond like and dislike, you will see true happiness.

About yogakee

I teach group and private yoga classes in kuala lumpur & petaling jaya. Classes provided are traditional hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga and children yoga.
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