Cry, feel sad about it and MOVE ON!!!!

Life is too short to be sad and suffer. You may still alive now and you may be not for tomorrow.

Think!!! Think!!!! If we keep on depressing and suffering, will it make the ‘bad’ things go away?? The answer is NO. It won’t make things better but it will make it worst. People around us will be effected as well. End up, everyone is unhappy.

 But, if you learn to accept the fact that things happened. You understand that if you keep depressing, it will not make things better, so why do we need to be unhappy about it.

Sometimes, the emotions or feelings that we feel, we have no control of it. Sometimes we will ask, “i want to be happy, but i don’t know how? I want to stop it but i don’t know how?” Why do we have to stop it???? Even the unhappiness come in not as our wish, how can it goes as we wish???

The truth is, we do not have to control, just let it go. Having the awareness that feelings just a feelings and it will eventually become history. Appreciate the present moment of being alive and things around us, instead of craving for things that we do not have and compare with others of what we do not have.

All this emotions and feelings are part of our life. Happy / Unhappy, Like / Dislike, satisfaction / disappointment and others, it is PART OF OUR LIFE!!!

Just like a cake, a delicious cake. In order to make a delicious cake, we need flour, raw egg, sugar and some other ingredients. But if you are asked to eat just the raw egg or flour, it won’t taste good at all. But, after all the ingredients mixed up and baked, it become a delicious cake. It is the same with LIFE.

Cry and feel sad about it and MOVE ON!!!!

Tune the sadness and depression into strength. Only with love, pure and unconditional love will free you from the sorrow. Only with love, you learn to forgive and let go!!!!!

 May all beings be happy.

 Om Shanti

About yogakee

I teach group and private yoga classes in kuala lumpur & petaling jaya. Classes provided are traditional hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga and children yoga.
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