1st Step

You will notice that most of the blogs are talking more of the thoughts and experience of mine that i have found in yoga. Even with years of teaching experiences, honestly i didn’t really get any feedback from the students. Most of the comments will be “hmmm…i feel so relaxing after your class” and they headed home with sweat along with smile.

As for me, yoga is for everyone, no matter yoga fit into whatever purpose or reason that you come to yoga. It may be in term of physical, may be of curiosity, may be spiritual, may be self development, may be self contentment, may be searching for your truth self, may be looking for peaceful, may be just to spare some free time, may be …. lots of may be. No matter how many may be there will be, because of these may be, it bring yoga into your life and it is definately a new beggining which is a good beginning.

Starting to have a thought of whether to join yoga class is actually the most important beginning of you and yoga.

Many of us, when we think of yoga, first thing is mind is “OH!! YOGA!!AM I NOT FLEXIBILE ENOUGH TO DO THAT??”….”I DON’T WANT TO EMBARRASS MYSELF IN THE CLASS”…”OH, YOGA..NOT MY THING”…”OH, YOGA, IS FOR LADIES ONLY”….”OH YOGA, IS FOR SKINNY GIRL”….. or any other reasons like busy, no time, i will one day etc etc…..

This is nothing wrong to think that, don’t feel sorry to think that as well. As this is how the society nowsaday projected out the imagine of yoga is for body perfection and performing the impossible postures which amaze everybody. It is totally nothing wrong with that. But, please be reminded, there is the other side of yoga that you might have missed out. The truth of yoga, the forgotten truth.

Stepping in your 1st yoga class may worry you, especially when you do not know what yoga is all about and how are you going to cope with the class. Do not worry. You can just come in the class, laying on the floor and do nothing. You may want to follow or just do nothing. But one thing for sure, you are already practising yoga even without doing anything or just laying on the floor. As you have opened up yourself to let in something new into your life, you let go the worries of whether you can or cannot perform the postures and you open up your mind to learn and ready to accept no matter what is going to happen next. You let go the ego, the self, you are practising detachment towards the worries of whether you can or cannot cope with the class and you are preparing to accept no matter what will happen next.

So, by not judging yourself or expecting what will you get from yoga, even without performing the asana/postures, i will say “welcome to the family’. You are practising yoga.

What i am saying here is the 1st step of yours into the world of yoga. It all comes back to the MIND. With the open heart and mind, soon you will discover for yourself the answer that “what is yoga??”. Yoga may mean differently to me and you. Find your own yoga and soon you will find happiness.

May all beings be happy.

Om Shanti.

About yogakee

I teach group and private yoga classes in kuala lumpur & petaling jaya. Classes provided are traditional hatha yoga, pregnancy yoga and children yoga.
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